Your Crop Over 2020 Checklist!

Updated: Mar 1

So you've watched your friends' snaps, heard their stories and anecdotes 1000 times, and the jealousy has completely eaten through your've decided that you absolutely MUST be at Crop Over 2020. Well let's discuss the things you need to be sorting ASAP!

1. Your Flight

Okay so let's be real, this is by far the most traumatic part of planning your Crop Over experience. Depending on where you're coming from those flight prices will have you ready to curl up in the fetal position and bawl. all necessary evils, it's best to just get it over and done with. The earlier you book, the better off you'll be. Unless you have a Sugar Daddy/Mama hidden somewhere this is definitely the first thing you should be looking to secure. The most popular days for persons coming in for Crop Over are usually Wednesday and Thursday so those days will likely be more expensive, and will sell out first; likewise for departing on the Tuesday and Wednesday after Kadooment Day. It may work in your favor to come a couple days earlier, or leave a few days later, and this way you can actually get to enjoy the island a bit more.

2. Accommodation

Some clients could care less about where they stay because they only really intend to be there when it's time to lay their head down for a couple hours. For them cost is the only factor and they'll just take the most affordable option. For others they may care more about being in a central location, with easy access to public transportation. Then there's what I like to call the "villa crew" who absolutely do not mind being far out as long as they're in a great place where they can have just as much fun as when they go out. Whatever your preference, the really good options will disappear in the blink of an eye so you'll want to make sure you get that covered quickly.

3. Event tickets

Do you know the parties you want to go to yet? (Stay tuned for our upcoming blogs on the parties you just should not miss). Some fetes are way easier to get tickets to than others. Do you have your link yet to get those hard to source tickets? If you don't...that's where we come in. Or maybe you don't want to do all of the "usual" and you're looking for some great alternatives. Whichever category you fall into, we've got you covered.

4. Costumes

How do you decide which Band you're going to be with on the road? Are you choosing based on price, costume design, vibe on the road, your friends? Do you intend to collect your costume on your own or will you be looking to avoid the band-house bedlam and have it collected for you? Consider all of these things if you want to have the best road experience.

5. Outfits

We all know everybody wants to look their BEST when they step out to every fete. So do you know the fashion vibe that goes with the parties you have planned? Do you want to be the person that shows up in shorts when everyone is fully laid out? I bet you aren't. Wanna know if it's best to wear heels or flats? Stay tuned for our Crop Over Fashion Round up as we give you some insight on all of the clothing options you'll need. Don't worry guys...we'll make sure we got you covered too.

6. Transportation

So you know where you're going, and what you're wearing...but pray tell how are you planning to get there? It's important to note that as of January 1st, Barbados has implemented Breathalyzer testing, and failing those tests can carry a heavy fine. Imagine having to use your hard-earned vacation money to pay a fine at the law courts the day after Kadooment? No please! Let's have none of that. So plan with your crew from early: will you be renting a vehicle? If so...are you drawing straws to decide who will be the designated driver for that night? (Now would be a good time to make friends with one of those fitness buffs who don't drink and go to fetes with their water bottles). If everybody wants to drink then you'll need a driver. The bigger the group the harder that will be to source and the sooner you'll want to get on it.

So get moving!

Once you've got all of these things covered then the only thing that's left is for you to bring the vibe!! Come ready to have fun, meet new people and make some crazy memories! And if for whatever reason you know you need help with any of the above (aside from the flights, that's all on you), then we're happy to give it to you. It's what we do here, and we're DAMN good at it.

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