The Orange Street Grocer

Speightstown has always been, and likely will always be, one of my favorite areas in Barbados. I know that to some it may come across as quaint and outdated but to me it's one of the few places on the island that still holds that authentic Bajan vibe that I was blessed to grow up around. I love the historic architecture and how it's one of the few parts of Barbados where you can still get long stretches of the beach unmarred by new construction.

Because of this, Orange Street Grocer has fast become one of my favorite places to pop into for lunch. The bistro is neatly nestled among some of the older buildings right next to the Speightstown boardwalk and offers an absolutely gorgeous view of the beach. That view, coupled with the decor and layout, are good enough reasons on their own for me to recommend you paying a visit, even if all you did once you got there was buy a beer.

Fortunately, I can happily advise you that the food is also quite enjoyable. They offer a variety of salad bowls and wraps for you really healthy folk but I'm a pizza girl at heart and anywhere I dine, if they offer pizza, especially wood fire pizza...I'ma have it, and I was not disappointed. They offer quite a few pizza options, which is very stressful on a girl like me that's going to want to try all of them. However, I battled through and settled on just one (while also tasting from my friends' selections of course) and I can happily recommend that you cannot go wrong with the Meat Fest(Salami, Ham, Pepperoni, Bacon & Mozzarella Cheese), which I was assured makes it a "real man's pizza" but was quite enjoyable as a woman too.

Along with the great food options, they also give you a variety of dessert choices that are *chef's kiss*. Both their Oreo cheesecake and Coconut Pie had me wishing I hadn't eaten all of my pizza so there would still have been space in my stomach for everything to fit.

Last, but certainly not least, is their customer service. That is a really big deal to me and is usually the deciding factor in if a place becomes a return spot for me. The staff at OSG are all top notch. Everyone is friendly and helpful, especially the owner Nick who always makes sure to come over and joke around/chat with anyone dining in.

All in all dining at the Orange Street Grocer is always a pleasant experience for me, especially since I can walk right on to the beach when I leave. It's a lovely spot in one of my favorite areas and I would highly recommend that you pay it a visit.


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