Top 10 Barbadian Music Videos that aren't Soca, Reggae or Dancehall.

Whether you're a visitor to our island or a resident of Barbados, all you have to do is listen to our local radio stations to recognize that when it comes to Barbadian produced music we go heavy on the Soca, Dancehall and Reggae; those genres are after all major components of our Caribbean culture and flavor.

However, we still do have quite a few artistes out here giving us quality content in the Pop, Soul, R&B and Hip-Hop/Rap genres and I just want to take some time to show these Bajans some love.

The following is a list of music videos from within the last 5 years (2015 - 2020) that I never get tired of, not only because of the song itself but because the visuals are just that enjoyable. Songs are listed in no particular order.

DJ Puffy ft. Teff - Bangalang

So many reasons to love this: The beat is sick, there's two jokers on a basketball court, Puffy's mom in the corner watching from the shade always makes me laugh, Teff on some poor baby's tricycle, and who doesn't want to watch the Riddim Tribe girls dance?

Ch'an - Body

It is reasonable for someone to sound this good? No, it really isn't. Ch'an's vocal prowess aside though, this video is simple but sensual and pairs perfectly with the song.

Amanda Reifer - Girl Like Me

A fine ass woman calmly and melodically letting men know she's crazy and not to be played with? How can I not stan?

Teff ft. KrisIrie - Golden Clouds

If you don't rate Teff I don't really have anything to say to you and you can close this blog out right're not welcome here. He is my second favorite Bajan artiste ever (after Sir Ricky Reid of course) and I don't feel like you guys appreciate him enough and I want to fight everybody about it. This video...Kris on the hook, Teff's lyrics and the absolutely gorgeous visuals...stellar.

KrisIrie - Long Time Love

This video is so unbelievably beautiful and gives all of these small glimpses into Bajan life. When I watch it I'm always reminded that I really do live in paradise and I think the BTMI dropped the ball not using it as an ad in their marketing strategy.

Rico Maserati - Regardless

This man really spent the day on an island tour with another woman and then land home ready to convince his girl that she's the one he really loves. If this ain't a Bajan man through and through...

Amanda Reifer - Rich Bitch Juice

Every time I hear this song or hear the video I feel like I too would like to be on that Rich Bitch Juice.

Rhea Layne - Speakah

If you put Boom tick tick and Boek in a song you automatically win me over. I'm that easy. Also, you can't tell me Rhea don't look PROPER in that leotard, check how good her legs look.

2 Mile Hill - Talk To Me

Another video that would be a great marketing tool for the tourism board. I love that I get to see so many Barbadians with all of their varying personalities shining through and I always watch this with a smile on my face.

Teff - WDWFTS (We don't wait for the Summer)

Look, just be thankful that I was feeling reasonable because this could have quite easily been a list of JUST Teff's music. This video gives me nostalgia of girls' only weekends and getting ready to hit up Boatyard or Xtreme and all the fun, messiness and drama that usually happened in between. We really DO get to have summer all year-round on this island; what a blessing!

So there you have it, MY (mine, belonging to me, meaning don't come for me if you don't agree) Top 10 Fave songs that are NOT soca, reggae or dancehall by Barbadian artistes.

What are your favorite Bajan Music videos?


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